ANACOM launches consultation on draft regulation concerning the subassignment of the National Numbering Plan E.164 numbers

ANACOM approved, on 24 June 2021, the draft regulation on the subassignment of the National Numbering Plan E.164 numbers, the notice of which was published today, 14 July, in Series II of the Official Gazette No 135/2021 - Notice No 13245/2021

This draft regulation sets out the conditions applicable to the subassignment of numbers from the national numbering plan, which will allow numbers assigned by ANACOM to providers of electronic communications services to be used by end-customers of other providers within the scope of their offers. To this end, an agreement must be concluded between the parties, who are required to guarantee the conditions of use of the numbers and the rights of end users, namely the right to number portability.

As such, ANACOM considers that this draft regulation is a key element to encourage the development of new offers and facilitate new business models in the national market, namely wholesale offers, also bringing the regulation into line with what is already a regulatory framework in several European countries.

The draft regulation will be submitted to public consultation, under the applicable legislation, for a period of 30 working days. Interested parties may send contributions until 25 August 2021, in writing and in Portuguese, preferably by email to regulamento.subatribuicao@anacom.ptmailto:regulamento.subatribuicao@anacom.pt1.

Once the consultation process has been completed, the contributions received will be made public, whereby interested parties should also send a version with all confidential information removed for the purpose of publication on this website.

1 Each email may contain one or more files as long as the total does not exceed 20 MiB, and where necessary, comments may be split into two or more emails.


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