Conference on International Connectivity and the EU Atlantic Data Gateway Platform

Taking place on 27 and 28 May 2021, online and at ZILS – Sines Industrial and Logistics Zone, the ''Conference on International Connectivity and the EU Atlantic Data Gateway Platform'', seeks to promote the sharing of strategies between different national and international stakeholders: network operators, OTTs, data centres, telehouses and IXPs, manufacturers/suppliers of undersea cables and promoters of international undersea cable projects.

The event is being held under the Portuguese Presidency of the Council of the European Union (PPUE21), and has been organised jointly by the Ministry of Infrastructure and Housing and by ANACOM, with the support of aicep Global Parques.

One of the objectives of the Portuguese Presidency (PPUE21) is to reinforce the role of the EU as a digital player, promoting international connectivity within Europe and between the EU and other continents and regions. As such, the Ministerial Declaration on “European Data Gateways as a key element of the EU’s Digital Decade”, adopted on 19 March 2021, highlights international connectivity and the storage of data and content in the EU as key components in securing the EU's digital sovereignty and global competitiveness.

The event will be held following a hybrid model, comprising physical attendance at ZILS, and remote participation online.

In view of the COVID-19 pandemic, physical participation will be subject to public health restrictions applicable on the date of the event.

Participation in the conference is free and open to all, though subject to prior registration. If you wish to participate in the conference, please register using the form. Following receipt of your registration, you will be contacted for confirmation and for additional information.

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