Switchover of DTT broadcasters restarts on 3 August in Palmela

The process of migration of the digital terrestrial television broadcasting network shall restart on 3 August, with the switchover of the Palmela broadcaster, after having been suspended in March due to the Covid-19 pandemic. When the process was suspended, on 13 March, 63 broadcasters, out of a total of 243 (see map) had already been switched.

The DTT network migration, necessary for the release of the 700 MHz band for 5G, shall end on 11 December and covers the switchover of more than 180 broadcasters.

Up to date, the number of calls answered at the DTT call centre, which ANACOM created to support the population (freephone number 800 102 002), has reached around 21 thousand calls, and it was necessary to offer face-to-face support to people carrying out the migration in 1052 situations.

On 3 August, when the Palmela broadcaster is switched, the people receiving their television signal through this broadcaster will get a black television screen; only at that time will it be necessary to retune the television or DTT set top box and they will continue to be able to watch television free of charge, as has always been the case up to date. It's a simple process. ANACOM has taken care to ensure that it will not be necessary to replace or redirect the antenna, change the TV or set top box, and no-one will need to subscribe to paid television services. Condominiums/buildings that have facilities with mono-channel amplifiers might have to replace them.

Those who are unable to retune their equipment can call the free telephone line (800 102 002) provided by ANACOM.

If anyone is unable to retune the equipment on their own or with assistance provided through the freephone number 800 102 002, ANACOM will schedule a visit to this person's home by duly identified technicians to proceed with the retuning free of charge.

Migration of DTT broadcasters:

Mainland Portugal

figura 1.png

Broadcaster already migrated
Broadcaster not yet migrated

Autonomous Region of the Azores


Broadcaster not yet migrated

Autonomous Region of Madeira


Broadcaster not yet migrated