ANACOM imposes fines of 1.3 million up to April

Between January and April 2020, ANACOM decided on 82 administrative offence proceedings, of which 57 ended with the imposition of fines, corresponding to 70% of the decided proceedings. The fines imposed during this period amounted to 1.3 million euros.

The offences punished with fines in the period from January to April 2020 refer to non-compliance with requirements on installation of telecommunications infrastructures in buildings; breaches relative to radio equipment, the use of radio communications networks and services, the provision of value added services based on the sending of SMS, as well as the obligations and prohibitions established in the Electronic Communications Law, namely breach of the obligations to provide information to ANACOM. Also in question are situations of breach of the rules on portability of numbers, use of numbers and access to ducts, among other aspects.

In addition to the 57 proceedings in which fines were imposed, in three cases ANACOM issued reprimands, six cases were closed with no further action, four cases were appended to other proceedings at the stage of the rendering of a final decision, and one case ended with voluntary payment of the applicable fine after the charge was served. It should also be stressed that of the total proceedings that were decided, five cases were integrated in other proceedings and six were closed outright.

During the first four months of 2020, ANACOM opened 133 new proceedings derived from news of offences that were brought to its attention, with 65 administrative offence proceedings having been instigated.