ANACOM launches public consultation on the draft regulation on the methodology to set remuneration for access to and use of infrastructure

The public consultation on the draft regulation on the methodology to be used to set remuneration payable by electronic communications companies for access to and use of infrastructure suitable for carrying networks, as approved by ANACOM by decision of 12 December 2019, runs until 26 February 2020.

In the methodology proposed, ANACOM has taken into account that it is aimed at different types of entities (owners or managers of suitable infrastructure) and, as such, in its implementation, an attempt has been made to consider the impact it will have on investment incentives, competition and the economic and financial sustainability of the various entities that own or manage this type of infrastructure.

From the viewpoint of ANACOM, the methodology now defined constitutes the most proportional, adjusted and non-discriminatory solution, also ensuring the principle of non-cross subsidisation between sectors, avoiding significantly different prices for similar services from being set.

Stakeholders should make their views known in writing and in Portuguese, preferably by e-mail to reg.metodologia@anacom.ptmailto:reg.metodologia@anacom.pt1.

Once the consultation process is completed, the contributions that were received will be disclosed to the public; therefore, stakeholders should also send an expurgated version, eliminating elements considered confidential for purposes of publication on this website.

1 Each email may contain one or more files as long as the total size does not exceed 20 MiB. Comments can be split into two or more emails, if necessary.

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