End User EWG meeting - February 2019

Brussels hosted last 7 February the first meeting of the End User working group of the European Regulators Group (ERG).

This working session served to present the current situation of all the group’s ongoing projects, namely:

(i) BEREC report on contract termination and change of supplier;

(ii) BERC contribution for the European Commission, concerning the act of implementing the simplified contract template;

(iii) workshop to be organised by BEREC and the European Consumer Organisation (BEUC) – “to move towards a vision for Europe’s telecoms consumers”;

(iv) internal workshop and report on cross-border use of E.164 numbers and fraud and improper use;

(v) BEREC guidelines on quality of service parameters for internet access services and interpersonal communication services accessible by the public and publication of information;

(vi) BEREC report on best practices of member-states to support the definition of adequate broadband internet access service.