CA/ETR meeting - January 2019

The Expert Team on Remuneration (ETR) of Committee 2 (Universal Service Obligations, Regulatory Issues and Postal Regulation) of the Council of Administration (CA) of the Universal Postal Union (UPU) met last 25 January in Berne, Switzerland.

Preliminary and partial results of the member-state responses to surveys sent by the International Bureau were presented at this meeting. They concern the remuneration system’s market impact regarding the aspects of regulation, internal rates and costs of supplying basic services.

The head of the group for integration of remuneration systems (GIR) of the Postal Operations Council (POC) presented five options under analysis concerning remuneration of small parcels (format E). It was agreed in the POC that the GIR would study the five options until the February meeting, conduct a market impact analysis and list the respective changes to the Acts (Convention and Regulations) with a view to submitting one proposal based on options 1 and 3 and one proposal based on options 4 and 5 in CA/POC S5.

Belgium presented a proposed questionnaire on financial and operational impacts of the UPU remuneration system, the aim being to submit the final version for approval in CA S5.

Finally, the UPU Postal Conference on “UPU Remuneration Systems: new frontiers for an old world?” is to be held on 9 April 2019.

The next ETR meeting was scheduled for 21 February, followed by a joint session with POC GIR on 22 February in Berne.