Meeting of ECC WG NaN PT NPS - February 2019

The project team on Number Portability and Switching (PT NPS) of the ECC’s WG NaN met last 12-13 February in Copenhagen.

This team has been developing studies, reports and recommendations on aspects associated to the simplification of operator switching, including number portability and over-the-air (OTA) solutions. Another aspect that has been debated is fraud based on number use.

During the meeting, Recommendation ECC (11) 02 on caller identification (calling line identification and originating identification) was revised, based on results of the reports ECC 248 and ECC 275.

Work on preparing various documents also began:

  • Report on number portability and routing in a total IP environment;
  • Report on CLI spoofing;
  • Report on the CEPT process for withholding payments in the event of cross-frontier fraud and abuse.

This working group’s next meeting is scheduled for May 2019.