7th meeting of CPG - November 2018

The seventh meeting of CEPT's CPG was held on 27-30 November 2018 in Hilversum, the Netherlands.

This meeting chaired by Martin Weber of Germany was attended by 154 delegates representing 28 administrations, observers, the European Commission (EC) and the European Communications Office (ECO).

The CPG is responsible for preparing CEPT for the 2019 World Radiocommunication Conference (WRC-19), supported by the four project teams http://www.cept.org/ecc/groups/ecc/cpg/page/cpg19-structure/ it set up at the start of the WRC-19 preparation cycle. Those project teams are tasked with debating and developing briefs and, when consensual, common European proposals http://www.cept.org/ecc/groups/ecc/cpg/page/cept-briefs-and-ecps-for-wrc-19/ (ECPs) concerning each of the WRC-19 agenda items assigned to them, so they can next be submitted for discussion and approval by the CPG.

The chairs of the CPG19 project teams presented summaries of the work carried out in the respective groups’ meetings since CPG19-6 (June 2018), as well as new outlines of briefs and ECPs. Standing out among the latter are those proposed for final adoption in the following topics:

(1.11) Harmonisation of frequencies, regionally or globally, to support railway communications between trains and railways, within the scope of existent allocations for mobile service in the Radio Regulations (RR);

(1.12) Harmonisation of spectrum at global and regional level for ITS applications by means of an ITU-R recommendation (as well as an ITU-R report, if necessary), without need to amend the RR;

(1.16) No permission for use of the 5250-5350 MHz, 5350-5470 MHz and 5850-5925 MHz intervals for wireless access systems, including radio local area networks (WAS/RLAN).

The eighth meeting of the CPG group will be held on 20-24 May 2019 (Sweden).