Multi-Annual Activities Plan for 2019-2021

ANACOM has published its 2019-2021 Multi-Annual Activities Plan, setting out its strategic objectives for the three-year period and the principal actions to be accomplished over this period, with emphasis on those related to 2019.

This document sets out the strategic direction of ANACOM's activity, which will focus on ANACOM's capacity to contribute to ensuring that the entire country obtains maximum benefits in terms of choice, price, quality and security in postal services and electronic communications. This will be achieved through active and rigorous regulation which promotes investment, facilitates the sharing of infrastructure and ensures fair and dynamic competition.

Approval of the Plan was preceded by the usual public consultation on the strategic objectives and actions to be pursued; ANACOM has already published the consultation report (approved on 18 January 2019), along with the contributions received.

It is recalled that ANACOM's budget and Multi-Annual Activities Plan requires prior approval of the members of the government in charge of the areas of finance and communications, in accordance with article 48 paragraph 1 of its Statutes


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