ANACOM invests in the modernization of the monitoring centre in Porto

ANACOM has an ongoing investment plan of around one million euros in the modernization of Porto’s Spectrum Monitoring and Control Centre. With this investment, ANACOM will adopt the most modern technologies to create conditions that will guarantee more and different aspects of supervision, monitoring and remote control of the spectrum and other activities associated with the oversight function performed by this Authority.

A significant part of the investment will be made in information systems, particularly in the disaster recovery component, in order to safeguard/mitigate the risk of data and system loss, in the acquisition of equipment, and in the refurbishment of ANACOM's facilities in Porto.

The investments in Porto also involve the acquisition of a visualization system composed of displays and videowalls. This will facilitate the flow of information between the various players involved in the oversight and monitoring operations.

This investment is part of a broader plan for the modernization of all of ANACOM’s other Monitoring Centres at Barcarena, Funchal and Ponta Delgada.