ANACOM orders 15% reduction in DTT prices

ANACOM approved ordering MEO to apply the annual price of the transmission and broadcasting of the digital terrestrial television signal (DTT) of 885,1 thousand euros per Mbps. This is a reduction of 15.16% in the annual prices per Mbps which MEO charges television operators (RTP, SIC and TVI) for the provision of the DTT service. This price cut was decided after a prior hearing of the interested parties and a public consultation period of 30 working days, followed by an extension period, in which six organizations gave their views. MEO now has 10 working days to notify RTP, SIC and TVI of the new prices.

It may be recalled that under the terms of Law 33/2016 of 24 August ANACOM is responsible for assessing, on its own initiative and annually, the need to revise the prices charged for providing the DTT service, particularly taking into account the principles established in this law.

The reduction of 15.16% in the price charged by MEO was preceded by an assessment made by ANACOM which concluded that the prices currently in force, which had been agreed between the company and the television operators, do not comply with one of the principles introduced by Law 33/2016 of 24 August since they exceed the price limit set out in the bid that won the public tender for the allocation of the right to use frequencies associated with Mux A (of 885,1 thousand euros per year and per Mbps).