ANACOM cuts fixed termination prices by 26%

ANACOM will decide on a reduction of 26% in the fixed termination wholesale prices. As a result, the maximum price will fall from the current 0.063 euro cents per minute to a maximum of 0.047 euro cents per minute, with billing per second from the first second.

Termination rates are the prices that fixed network operators charge other operators for terminating calls on their networks. Thus, with these termination price cuts, conditions are enhanced for increased competition in the supply of electronic communications services, including the telephone service at a fixed location.

According to the draft decision of ANACOM that determines this price cut, and which was submitted to a prior hearing and public consultation for 30 working days, the new prices will come into force 10 working days after the publication of the final decision on the matter, which must be notified in advance to the European Commission.

The new maximum prices were defined as part of the analysis of the wholesale markets for call termination in fixed telephone networks and are based on the results of the update of the costing model approved by ANACOM, in line with the European Commission's recommendation on Terminations that these prices must be geared towards the costs of an efficient operator.

Fixed termination rates will be updated once again in October 2019 and October 2020, based on the results of this costing model. For this purpose, by the end of 1st half of each of these years ANACOM will notify the operators that have significant market power in these markets of the value of the update to be made.

The time limit for this consultation ends on 18 May 2018. Contributions should be sent to, and ANACOM is calling for a broad intervention by the various agents and market participants.