ANACOM carried out more than 6,600 enforcement actions in 2017

In 2017, ANACOM undertook over 6,600 enforcement actions, focusing on electronic communications services, postal services, oversight of the rules governing telecommunications infrastructure in buildings and housing developments, verification of radio equipment and spectrum monitoring actions.

In the area of electronic communications services, a total of 1,644 inspections were performed, covering situations related to number portability and the universal service of telephone directories and public pay-telephones. Actions in 2017 also focused on checking the procedures used by the principal operators for responding to contract termination requests.

With regard to postal services, 35 inspections were performed, focusing on activities carried out in 633 locations used in the provision of the service by CTT. The objective was to verify accomplishment of postal network density targets and check alleged anomalies in the distribution of correspondence and waiting times at post offices.

At the same time, inspections targetted 18 companies whose activities gave indications of provision of postal services without corresponding qualifying title.

In 2017, 578 inspections were carried out as part of ANACOM's oversight of ITED - Infraestruturas de Telecomunicações em Edifícios (Telecommunications Infrastructure in Buildings) and ITUR - Infraestruturas de Telecomunicações em Loteamentos, Urbanizações e Conjuntos de Edifícios (Telecommunications Infrastructure in Housing Developments, Urban Settlements and Concentrations of Buildings).

ANACOM also carried out inspections in the radio equipment market to verify compliance with the legal regime governing the free movement, placing on the market and putting into service of equipment. In 2017, 118 inspections were carried out targeting the different economic agents (manufacturers, importers and distributors) and 159 undertakings were inspected, covering a total of 224 devices - 73 devices were seized due to non-compliance with prevailing standards.

Focusing on spectrum management, more than 3,600 enforcement actions were completed. The purpose of these actions is to verify that the spectrum is used in the most correct and efficient manner; this is the only way to ensure that there is no loss of quality in provision of the various services and that there are no security flaws that could pose a threat to people and property due to interference

In overseeing use of the spectrum, ANACOM conducts visits to check that networks and stations are operating in accordance with the law. This activity is performed on a regular and ongoing basis and also when there are temporary events which require the use of frequencies to stage, such as concerts and football matches.

Of the more than 3,600 spectrum monitoring actions undertaken in 2017, around 2,000 were in response to requests addressed to ANACOM. Approximately 330 actions were related to interference and culminated with the issuance of technical amendment orders to restore normal conditions. Of the remaining 1,735, about 60% related to enforcement actions specifically targeting radiocommunications stations and networks.