ANACOM, GNR and ASAE inspect heavy vehicles on A8 motorway

A joint inspection has taken place involving ANACOM, GNR and ASAE, targeting heavy goods vehicles on Auto Estrada do Oeste (A8 motorway).

In the area of communications, where ANACOM has oversight, the objective was to ensure that all "radio media" used, in this case, in heavy goods vehicles, was being used in accordance with the law and not for any unlawful purpose.

Around 2 dozen heavy vehicles were inspected, of which 4 had radiocommunications stations, all of them from the personal radio service - citizen's band (CB). These stations were found to be in compliance with prevailing legislation.

The personal radio service - citizen band (CB) - is a radiocommunication service for private use, for multilateral communications of a recreational or professional nature between holders of low-power radio stations. Decree-Law no. 1/2017 of 5 January abolished the compulsory registration of users of CB stations, whereby their use is governed by Decree-Law No. 151-A/2000 of 20 July, under the general regime of radiocommunications.