EFIS MG meeting - Copenhagen

Copenhagen hosted last 30-31 August the 38th meeting of the EFIS MG working group, chaired by Stefan Mayer-Bidmon of Germany.

The gathering was attended by 13 participants, including representatives of 11 administrations (Austria, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, France, Germany, Hungary, Luxembourg, Portugal, Spain and Switzerland) and the European Communications Office (ECO).

Among other activities, the EFIS MG working group is responsible for maintaining the EFIS portal (at www.efis.dk https://www.efis.dk/) and its development/updating in the context of the new spectrum policy of the European Commission and the R&TTE Directive (Directive 2014/53/EU of 16 April 2014 on harmonisation of member states’ legislation on the market availability of radio equipment and which revokes Directive 1999/5/EC) and especially for revision and integration of the radio interface specifications (RIS). It is also responsible for revision of Decisions ECC/DEC/(01)03 (on EFIS) and ECC/DEC/(03)05 (on publication of information about frequency allocations and applications), and for revision of ECO Report 05 concerning CEPT, ECC and EC deliverables – relation to application terminology specified in ECC Decision (01)03 Annex 2, and ERC Report 25, concerning the European table of frequency allocations and applications in the frequency range 8.3 kHz to 3000 GHz (ECA table).

The group discussed progress made in the EFIS portal since the last meeting in April 2016. A highlight was that the EFIS home page was rearranged to more visibly reflect all available information.

As usual, the administrations attending the meeting reviewed the current situation of EFIS updates they have made or plan to make.

The group will also propose that the next meeting of the Frequency Management working group (WG FM) in October 2016 approve for consultation (only by administrations) a proposed revision of Decision ECC (01)03, which proposes removal of the layer 3 applications INMARSAT, IRIDIUM and AES (note in this respect that besides including the AES application in the scope of satellite applications, it was removed from the terrestrial mobile application).

The revision of the European Common Allocation (ECA) table, in line with results of the 2015 European Radiocommunication Conference, was approved for public consultation at the 84th meeting of WG FM in February 2016 and posted on the ECO website in June 2016 (ERC REPORT 25 - Approved June 2016 http://www.erodocdb.dk/Docs/doc98/official/pdf/ERCREP025.PDF). The working group began revising the ECA table, which should be published in 2017.

A proposal to revise ECO Report 05 was put forward to reflect new documentation that serves as the basis for the definition of terms for applications used in the EFIS portal.