Clarification on registration of 5.8 GHz BFWA stations

Following completion of a public consultation on the National Table of Frequency Allocations (Download file NTFA 2009-2010), an allocation was included in the 5.8 GHz (5725 5875 MHz) frequency band (under Reserved Frequencies) for Broadband Fixed Wireless Access (BFWA) systems.

The move to include this reservation was based on the results of studies conducted at the European Conference of Postal and Telecommunications Administrations (CEPT), set out in CEPT Report 015 [CEPT response to European Commission mandate on Broadband Wireless Access (BWA)]; these identified compatibility issues with the fixed-satellite service and considered that this band should only be made available for BWA operations limited to fixed and nomadic modes (BFWA). Meanwhile, during 2009/2010, it was noted that opening this band to BFWA applications would be dependent upon the results of additional studies - at the time still ongoing at CEPT - and upon discussions at European Commission level.

With the completion of these studies and subsequent to further discussion, and after conducting technical tests (especially with a view to the need to protect the use of weather radar system frequencies), the band was made available for BFWA operations. While requiring prior registration of stations, ANACOM decided not to make allocation subject to rights of use of frequencies (i.e., allocation with radio licensing exemption).

Aiming to respond to questions which have been put to ANACOM by various undertakings as regards the procedure for registering BFWA stations in the 5.8 GHz band, ANACOM would like to clarify the following:

a) The technical conditions applicable to the operation of BFWA systems at 5.8 GHz are identified in Recommendation ECC(06)04 "Use of the band 5725-5875 MHz for broadband fixed wireless access (BFWA)", which identifies the following network architectures - Point-to-Multipoint (P-MP), Point-to-Point (P-P), Mesh and Any Point-to-Multipoint (AP-MP).

b) Equipment must conform to harmonised standard ETSI EN 302 502, as under the R&TTE Directive or under Directive 2014/53/EU, subject to a transition period (as under article 48 of Directive 2014/53/EU).

c) To register the stations of a BFWA network, please send a request by email to, with the following information:

Equipment for these bands are to be operated on a basis of non-interference and non-protection in relation to licensed radiocommunications networks and stations; operation of this type of equipment is to be immediately discontinued in the event of non-compliance with the above conditions (as set out in the NTFA) or upon any occurrence of interference caused to licensed stations or networks.