Simplified Information Sheet in editable format

The Regulation No. 829/2016, of 23 August (Regulamento n.º 829/2016, on pre-contractual and contractual information in the context of electronic communications, which was the subject of the Declaration of Rectification No. 878/2016, (Declaração de Retificação n.º 878/2016, of 1 September, establishes the deadline of 6 months after its publication (in Diário da República the Official Gazette) for implementation of the obligations contained therein.

In order to facilitate this implementation by the target enterprises, ANACOM has provided the Simplified Information Sheet (Ficha de Informação Simplificada - ''FIS'') in Annex I to the Regulation in editable format, pointing out that this document does not replace or derogate from the publication which appeared in the Official Gazette.


Download de ficheiro Ficha de Informação Simplificada (DOCX 88 Kb)

Download de ficheiro Ficha de Informação Simplificada (PDF 462 Kb)

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