Report on quality of service levels - CTT 2014

Following the audit carried out by ANACOM on the 2014 annual values of the indicators for quality of service, complaints and requests for information from the universal postal service provided by CTT - Correios de Portugal (CTT) and a prior hearing of the company, on 27 October 2016, this Authority decided to approve and publish the reports on the verification conducted as regards the indicators of quality of service provided by CTT in 2014.

Also approved was the updating of the determinations and recommendations concerning the quality indicators for delay in routing intra-Community cross-border mail (ISQ7 and ISQ8), to be implemented by CTT in 2016.

This decision is legally provided for within the Postal Law, according to which ANACOM must independently ensure, with regard to the universal service provider (CTT), control of quality of service levels actually offered, with the results forming a report published at least once a year. This Authority also has the duty to ensure that the universal service provider (CTT) publishes information on its overall number of complaints and how they were dealt with, together with the annual report on the verifying the quality of service levels it offers.