ANACOM and Portuguese Navy inspect vessels off Leixões

ANACOM in cooperation with the Portuguese Navy, carried out a supervisory action to check the radio stations installed on board fishing boats that were fishing in the high sea. The action was carried out using the Navy patrol boat NRP Zaire, in Leixões and ended in the early evening.

In this action, which sought to check the legality of the means of communication used on board, four vessels were inspected, and with regard to two, official reports were prepared by the Navy, while no nonconformities were detected in the other two.

This is the third supervisory action carried out on the high sea by ANACOM since the beginning of the year, bringing to about 50 the number of vessels inspected (including fishing vessels, maritime tourism and passenger transport).

Carrying out this type of supervisory action has the aim of ensuring the proper use of the radio spectrum and the legality of the equipment installed on board vessels, which can reduce or eliminate situations of interference in communication networks, especially those that guarantee the activity of security forces and traffic control communications and air navigation, on which all civil and military aviation depend.