ANACOM's Consumers' Website has more information and is now easier to use

ANACOM has today launched its new Consumers' Website, aiming to provide a better response to the needs of consumers. Because informed consumers make better choices, ANACOM's Consumers' Website now offers more information and is easier to use, enhancing experience in the use of communications services.

By visiting ANACOM's Consumers' Website, consumers can find a range of useful information on communications services - information which is easy to access and provided in simple language. Consumers can find out about their rights; find out how to resolve problems with providers; compare tariffs; measure the speed of their Internet connections; post questions; and submit complaints.

Using the website, consumers can also download templates which they can use to submit complaints to providers; they can also access a range of links and see a list of useful contacts.

ANACOM's Consumers' Website provides important assistance to consumers, with a range of useful information in different situations:

  • You don't know what service to contract with so many offers in the market? With COM.escolha you can compare different tariffs and simulate your consumption of communication services; this will help you choose the most suitable offer.
  • Do you have a question about bills, do you want to know how to cancel a contract or what to do if a parcel you have posted does not reach its destination? Go to the “What you need to know about…” area or pose your question using the “Ask ANACOM” feature.
  • Do you have a problem with a provider and don't know what to do? Follow the instructions given in the “Problems with your provider?“ area, where you can also find  templates which will help you set out your problems and make a complaint in a clear and objective manner.
  • Do you want to know how fast your Internet really is? With NET.mede, you can measure the real speed of your service and compare it to the speed you contracted.
  • Do you want to keep up with the latest news about communications? see News and see What's new.

On ANACOM's Consumers' Website, consumers can also find Tips to Prevent Problems, a set of Consumer Guides, and a Glossary, which will help consumers understand the language used by the communications sector.
ANACOM's Consumers' Website remains available at www.anacom-consumidor.com