ANACOM, and ISOC Portugal debate IPv6 in Lisbon

IPv4 access exhaustion has resulted in a pressing need for migration to IPv6 accesses so as to ensure the connectivity and access of everyone to the whole Internet.

The IPv6 traffic generated from Portugal and aimed at the most visited international sites which already respond in IPv6 grew by around 20% between January 2014 and May 2016 and it is believed that this growth can be put down to the number of residential clients who have gradually been acquiring IPv6 accesses. It is estimated that at present in Portugal there are more than 1 million houses with dual-stack (simultaneously providing an IPv4 address and a second address at IPv6).

With a view to disseminating and debating the themes associated with IPv6, ANACOM, and ISOC Portugal are staging a conference on June 21st in Lisbon at the Hotel Fénix. The conference is to be opened by the Secretary of State for Infrastructures, Guilherme d'Oliveira Martins.

It will also be attended by representatives from RIPE NCC, ARCEP (the French communications' regulator) and there will be a discussion panel with MEO, NOS and Vodafone which will be moderated by ANACOM. The works in the morning will also involve Telefónica from Spain and presentations will be made about IPv6 status on nationwide (FCT) and Europeanwide (IST) university networks.

The afternoon session will have a panel moderated by and by ISOC Portugal with contributions from Worten, Claranet, Sapo, PTServidor and MEO, following by a presentation from eSPap about IPv6 status in the Public Administration. ANA-Aeroportos de Portugal and DECO will also take part in the works.

The detailed program is available at: IPv6 - programa