ANACOM Alerts - Number portability and billing

As part of the "ANACOM Alerts" initiative, launched to strengthen the information that ANACOM makes available to consumers on specific sector issues, reflecting the main issues raised in complaints, the following article was published on 11 June (Correio da Manhã) and 12 June (Jornal de Notícias):

Number portability

  • Portability means that you can keep your number when switching providers (fixed or mobile).
  • To port your number, contact the providers you want to switch to.
  • As a rule, portability should be completed within 1 working day. It may take longer by agreement with the providers, or for example where the request is under a contract made at a distance or as a result of door-to-door sales.
  • If the provider fails to meet this time limit, the customer is entitled to receive 2.50 euros from their new provider for each working day of delay.

The section this week on Radio Renascença will air on 14, 15 and 16 June, between 5 pm and 6 pm, in the 1st position of the block as follows:

Did you know that if you are billed for a service 6 months after it has been provided, you can refuse to pay?

It’s true! But you have to claim expiry of the debt in question. Do so in writing and keep a record of your claim.

If you think that the value of your communications bill is wrong, make a complaint in writing. It is the only way to prevent the service from being suspended.

If you owe more than 106 euros, your name may be included on a list of debtors and operators may refuse to accept you as a customer.

If you receive a summons to pay a value that you dispute, contest the summons in writing within the specified time limit. Otherwise, you may face legal seizure of your finances.