ANACOM determines the termination of Euro da Sorte's activity

Autoridade Nacional de Comunicações (ANACOM) repealed the registration and rights of use for access codes held by Euro da Sorte (68954, 68955, 62964 and 62965), thus the company may no longer continue to pursue the activity of provider of message-based value-added services.

This decision follows on from another determination issued by ANACOM, that found evidence of non-compliance with legislation and of practices harming consumers' interests on the part of Euro da Sorte, and thus ordered the suspension of the use of two access codes held by the company (68954 and 68955). The Authority also imposed corrective measures to render harmful practises impossible.

Having found that Euro da Sorte had failed to adopt the referred corrective measures within the established deadline, ANACOM determined the referred revocation, under the law.

The company and the provider of support services have already been notified of this decision.