European Commission publishes key principles on comparison tools

The European Commission (EC) has published a set of key principles for comparison tools for products and services in order to guide respective providers towards compliance with the relevant European legislation, in particular the Directive on Unfair Commercial Practices. This Directive currently includes a section applicable to comparison tools that have a commercial nature or economic relationship with the trader (for example, through advertising or sponsorship).

The document now published, which results from the work carried out, since 2012, by the Multi-Stakeholder Dialogue Comparison Tools group, of the Directorate General for Justice and the EC Consumers, seeks to ensure, in particular, that the comparison tools comply with rules of transparency and ease of use, in order to help consumers in decision-making processes for the various offers of goods and services in the market.

ANACOM took part in the work of the EC group and forms part of the list of entities that support the promotion and implementation of these principles.

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