ANACOM Alerts - telephone communication contracts

In the scope of the “ANACOM Alerts” initiative, launched by ANACOM to enhance information provided to consumers on specific subjects of interest in the sector, focused on the main issues raised in complaints received from consumers, the following article was published on 23 April (in Correio da Manhã) and on 24 April (in Jornal de Notícias):

Telephone communication contracts

  • The operator is required to provide you with the agreed conditions in a medium able to be stored.
  • You are only bound after you give a written agreement, save where the telephone contact was made on your initiative.
  • You are free to withdraw from the contract without being penalised during the first 14 days, except where you request that the provision of the service starts before this period expires. In case you do, you may still withdraw from the contract, but there will be costs attached.
  • In case you wish to withdraw from the contract, do it in writing and hold on to the means of proof.