Major Planning Options 2016-2019

The GOP - Grandes Opções do Plano (Major Planning Options) for 2016-2019, approved by Assembleia da República (Assembly of the Republic) and published in the Diário da República (Official Journal) on 31 March (Law no. 7-B/2016), are aligned with the strategies of economic and social development and consolidation of public finances enshrined in the Programme of the XXI Constitutional Government.

The promotion of quality in consumer protection is given prominence and is addressed under the Option "React to the demographic challenge".

In this context, provision is made to enhance the information made available to consumers, with special focus on the most vulnerable and on economic sectors beset by higher levels of conflict, such as essential public services (including electronic communications services) and the digital economy (electronic commerce, electronic payments, digital content products and personal data protection). Concrete measures envisaged include the establishment of required arbitration of disputes in certain sectors and the modernisation of the legal regime governing complaints books, as well as the launch of the single user consumer platform. There is also specific reference to the evaluation of the legal regimes governing contract oversight and unblocking of mobile devices.

Meanwhile, under the GOP option on "Regulation and supervision of markets", the proposed lines of action include, in particular the need to provide regulators with greater enforcement and intervention capability, to ensure the allocation of necessary resources needed for effective regulation/supervision and to reinforce ex-ante and ex-post deterrents.