Number of postal network access points increases 2.4% in 2015

In 2015, the number of access points to the postal network in Portugal increased by 2.4% to 13,460, following an increase in the number of post boxes belonging to Grupo CTT in fulfilment of the postal density targets and rules approved by ANACOM. As such the downward trend seen over recent years is reversing.

With an increase in the number of network access points, postal density (771 inhabitants per access point) and postal coverage (14.6 access points per 100 square kilometres) also increased in 2015.

In contrast, postal traffic continued to decline, falling by 3.3% to about 847 million items. However, the reduction is less than the average annual reduction reported over the last four years (-5.6%). The share of total traffic reported by CTT - Correios de Portugal was 94.6%.

Total postal items sent comprised 78.5% correspondence (-0.8 percentage points versus 2014), 9.5% direct mail (+0.8 percentage points versus 2014) and 7.4% editorial mail (-0.2 percentage points versus 2014). Postal parcels made up 4.6% of total traffic (+0.1 percentage points versus 2014).

Analysing the distribution of postal traffic, 95.3% of postal items were destined for the national market, while the remaining 3.7% were destined for other countries.

It is estimated that at least 53.4% of total traffic was made up of bulk mail and that 90% of non-express mail was covered by the scope of the universal service.

Total revenues from postal services totalled around 654 million euros, falling 6.3% compared to 2014. In turn, average revenue per item declined by 3.1% compared to 2014, to 0.77 euros.

In line with postal traffic, employment associated with postal networks and services has been in a downward trend over the past years. This trend continued in 2015, albeit with some softening, with employment in the postal sector falling 0.2%. The reduction in human resources associated with postal networks and services has lagged the decrease in traffic.

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