ANACOM carried out over 7 thousand enforcement actions in 2015

Autoridade Nacional de Comunicações (ANACOM) carried out over seven thousand enforcement actions in 2015. In performing its sector oversight functions, ANACOM undertakes enforcement actions to inspect the conduct of market agents and the conditions of spectrum use.  As a rule, each action targeted a number of situations.

In the area of electronic communications, 855 inspections were carried out, focusing, in the most part, on checking compliance with the rules governing the universal service of public pay-telephones, particularly regarding the proper functioning of telephone boxes. Inspections also focused on issues related to contract lock-in periods, compliance with number portability rules, provision of audiotext services and value-added services based on SMS sending, PT ducts, DTT, and other issues.

The postal sector was the target of 447 enforcement actions, with activities inspected in 408 post offices, 1 postal distribution centre belonging to CTT and 38 postal service providers.

With regard to the rules governing telecommunications infrastructure in buildings and housing developments, deemed essential to ensure competition in the sector and ensure access to services, ANACOM's objective was to check that agents were operating in compliance with the applicable rules and to check that equipment, devices and materials were used in accordance with technical and legal requirements. A total of 499 inspections were undertaken.

Enforcement actions were also carried out targeting importers, distributors and retailers to verify the conformity of radio equipment and electronic communications terminal equipment with prevailing European Union rules. In total, 235 actions were carried out encompassing 336 undertakings and involving 524 devices (mobile phones, fixed phones, toys, car and garages remote controls, etc.), with 261 devices seized.

In the area of spectrum supervision, almost five thousand enforcement actions were carried out, including, 3,417 preventive actions planned by ANACOM, and 1,572 follow-up actions carried out on the basis of complaints received by ANACOM. The purpose of these actions is to verify that the spectrum is used correctly and in the most efficient manner; this is the only way to ensure that no loss of quality occurs in the provision of the various services and that there are no security flaws which could cause harm due to interference.

In overseeing use of the spectrum, ANACOM conducts visits to verify that networks and stations are operating in accordance with the law.  This activity is performed on a regular and ongoing basis and also when temporary events are staged, such as concerts and football matches, which require use of frequencies.