Quintuple-play are the fastest growing bundles and are already used by more than 37% of households

At the end of September 2015 about 78 out every 100 households in Portugal had a multiple-play bundle, compared to 71 out every 100 households a year earlier. The most popular bundle among Portuguese households was triple-play (41.8% of households), followed by quintuple-play (37.4% of households, the combination that has grown the most in recent quarters.

In total, there were 3.2 million subscribers to bundled offers, increasing by 11.4% versus the same quarter of 2014 and by 2.1% over the previous quarter. This growth is due largely to the development of quadruple and quintuple-play bundles, which, with 1.324 million customers, represent 41.6% of total subscribers and are those which have seen the highest growth (6.2% over the quarter and 52.9% year-on-year). Triple-play bundles, which were still the most common at the end of September (41.8%), increased by 0.5% in the quarter but fell by 6.5% year on year.

In terms of subscribers, MEO was the provider with the largest share at the end of 3rd quarter (41.8% of subscribers to bundles of services), followed by Grupo NOS (39.1%), Vodafone (13.1%) and Grupo Apax (Cabovisão) with 6%. Grupo NOS was the provider which, in net terms, acquired the largest number of subscribers over the period, leading the market in double-play, triple-play and quadruple-play. MEO was reported market leader in terms of quintuple-play.

Revenues derived from bundles of services totalled around 1,120 million euros up to the 3rd quarter 2015. Average monthly revenue per subscriber was 40.57 euros.

MEO had a 45.2% share of revenues, followed by Grupo NOS with 38.1%, Vodafone with 10.8% and Grupo Apax with 5.8%.

In 3rd quarter 2015, 67.3% of customers with bundles of services reported no intention of switching provider, while 6.2% expressed an intention to do so within the ensuing three months, according to Marktest's Barómetro de Telecomunicações (Telecommunications Barometer).

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