ANACOM imposes DTT information obligations on MEO

Autoridade Nacional de Comunicações (ANACOM) has decided to make MEO subject to obligations to provide information regarding DTT. As such, the operator responsible for the installation, management and maintenance of the digital terrestrial television network will be required to provide information as to the locations where, since 2012, the type of available coverage has been changed to reception by satellite (DTH). This information is to be provided clearly and prominently on the website http://tdt.telecom.pt

This measure is necessary because people affected by changes in coverage have a right to reimbursement from MEO for the costs incurred as a result of this change. It is recalled that, with digital television, 100% of the population has free access to DTT - the overwhelming majority through terrestrial reception and about 7.5% via satellite (DTH).

In addition to making a file available on the website with information structured by district/municipality/parish/locality, listing the dates on which changes to coverage occurred, MEO is also required to send this same information to all Parish Councils with a locality partially or wholly affected by the change of information about the type of coverage available. In this way, Parish Councils will be able to inform local digital television users.

Under the same decision, whenever changes are made to the DTT network to ensure levels of terrestrial coverage of the population, MEO is required to make information available on the DTT website (http://tdt.telecom.pt giving indication of the best-server transmitter and keeping this information up-to-date. It is recalled that MEO is required to fully cover additional costs incurred by people who need to re-point their reception antennas, tune their DTT receivers and/or replace/tune their amplifiers.

People who need to purchase a DTH kit to enable reception of the DTT service in areas with satellite coverage may qualify for a subsidy (provided to ensure that the costs incurred by those who live in areas with satellite coverage are equal to those living in areas with terrestrial coverage). This assistance is provided by MEO, as under ANACOM's decision of April 2011 and is available until 2023.