ANACOM debates regulation in the new digital ecosystem

The focus of discussion at the 8th ANACOM Conference, to be held on 22 September at Lisbon's Centro Cultural de Belém, will be regulation in the new digital ecosystem.

The convergence between information technologies, telecommunications and the media has created a highly complex digital ecosystem with new players, posing significant challenges to business and regulatory models. Everyone working in this changing environment is called on to consider and debate the many issues arising as a result of this new ecosystem, not least the regulator.

Conference proceedings will be opened by ANACOM Chair, Fátima Barros, who will address the conference on the chosen theme from a regulatory perspective and also as Chair of BEREC (Body of European Regulators for Electronic Communications); meanwhile, Mario Campolargo, from the European Commission's E-Net Futures Directorate, will present the Digital Single Market strategy, published by the European Commission in May.

The challenges of regulation for 2020 and the implications for the review of the sector's regulatory framework will be discussed by the Chairman of the Belgian Institute for Postal Services and Telecommunications, Jack Hamande, who will present the regulator's vision; by Steffen Hoernig, Professor at the Nova School of Business and Economics, who will address the issue from a more academic perspective; and Paulo Veríssimo, professor at the University of Luxembourg, who will focus on cybersecurity problems. The panel will be moderated by João Confraria, a member of ANACOM's Board of Directors.

The CEOs of MEO (Paulo Neves), NOS (Miguel Almeida), Vodafone (Mário Vaz) and Microsoft Portugal (João Couto) will discuss topics such as OTT, the Internet of things and big data, and set out their visions as regards the review of the regulatory framework, in a panel moderated by Expresso journalists, Nicolau Santos and Pedro Guerreiro.

ANACOM Vice-Chair, José Perdigoto, will close proceedings.

Participation in the 8th ANACOM conference is free and open to all interested parties, but subject to online registration by 17th September.