Postal traffic in Portugal falls in the 2nd quarter

In 2nd quarter 2015, total traffic from postal services in Portugal totalled about 208 million objects, falling 8.8% versus the previous quarter and by 3.6% versus 2nd quarter 2014. Approximately 85.9% of total traffic comprises postal items sent within the scope of the universal service (correspondence, catalogues and books up to 2 kg, parcels up to 10 kg, registered items, etc).

Traffic covered by the universal service declined by 9.4% from the previous quarter and by 5.1% versus the same quarter of 2014.

Objects distributed to the national market made up 96.4% of the total, while the remaining 3.6% were distributed to other countries. About 78.5% of postal traffic is made up of correspondence, 9.2% is made up of direct mail and 7.7% is made up of editorial mail. Parcels represent 4.6% of total traffic.

Grupo CTT has a market share of 94.8 percent of total postal traffic but a share of 34.8% in the express segment, where alternative operators account for over 65% of the market.

For the period being reported, revenues from postal services totalled 162 million euros, 8.4% less than for the same period of 2014. Average revenue per object fell by 5% versus 2Q14.

There were 13,245 postal network access points reported in the period, increasing by 2.8%.

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