Almost 80% of households purchase bundles of telecommunication services

By the end of June, 77% of Portuguese families had subscribed bundles of telecommunication services. Triple-play (3P) is the most used combination, used by 42.5% of households, followed by quintuple-play (5P), with 36.4%, which is the combination reporting the most growth.

In total, there were 3.1 million subscribers to bundled offers by the end of 2nd quarter of 2015, which represents an increase by 2.6% compared to the previous quarter and by 12.7%, year on year.

This evolution is due mainly to quadruple play (4P) and 5P packages which represent 40% of total customers (1.24 million), and which increased by 7.5% in the quarter and by 94% year on year, in part as a result of the upgrade of 3P packages used previously. It followed that the number of customers of 3P package, who were the most representative (1324 million) decreased, by 0.9% in the quarter and by 14% year on year.

In terms of customer share, Grupo Altice, shareholder at the present time of MEO and Cabovisão, is the provider with the largest market share in the 2nd quarter, divided between MEO with 42.4% and Cabovisão with 6.4%; it is followed by Grupo NOS, with 38.8% of customers; and Vodafone, with 12.4%. Grupo NOS leads in 4P, while Altice leads in terms of double-play (2P), 3P and 5P combinations.

As far as revenues are concerned, bundled services generated around 737 million Euros by the end of the 2nd quarter, with average monthly revenue in the quarter reported at 40.48 Euros per subscriber. Grupo Altice reported a share by 51.8% of the turnover derived from these services (45.8% in the case of MEO and 6% for Cabovisão), followed by Grupo NOS (37.7%) and Vodafone (10.5%).

Around 68% of users of bundled services do not intend to switch service provider, which corresponds to an increase by 3.4% compared to the preceding quarter. In contrast, 6.4% of users say they willing to switch operator in the coming three months, according to Marktest’s Telecommunications Barometer.