Clarification on wireless microphones and hearing aid devices

ANACOM has been questioned on the use of radio microphones and hearing aids, in particular as to the frequency bands authorised in Portugal for this type of equipment.

Having regard to the legal framework in force, ANACOM clarifies as follows:

  • The conditions governing the use of the radio spectrum are laid down in the National Table of Frequency Allocations (NTFA), which is  published on the electronic platform eQNAF;
  • The frequency bands and respective conditions of spectrum use for wireless radio microphones and hearing aid devices are properly detailed in the file Download file Station licence exemptions, for the categories ''Transmitter microphones and auxiliary hearing aids'' and ''High duty cycle/continuous transmission devices'';
  • These devices are exempt from radio licensing if operated in accordance with the conditions identified above and are required to operate on a basis of non-interference and non-protection in relation to licensed radio networks and stations. Where there is any deviation from the conditions specified above in the NTFA or where interference is caused to licensed stations or networks, operation of this type of equipment will be discontinued;
  • To use powers in excess of those identified above, the following frequency bands may be used, but with use subject to licensing: 174-216 MHz and 470-786 MHz. The licence application should be made to ANACOM, and for this purpose, the radio licensing (elic) service can be used, available online as part of ANACOM Reserved Services (service subject to prior registration).