ANACOM's radio frequencies website receives 17 thousand views in its 1st year

The new radio frequencies website provided by ANACOM (eQNAF) has recorded 17,634 page views and over 2,400 sessions in its first year of operation.

The eQNAF is an electronic platform that can be used to consult information on the planning and use of frequencies, as well as on national allocations and uses of the radio spectrum, the frequency bands reserved and available for future uses, uses of radio spectrum exempt from licensing and radio interfaces.

In total, there were 1,604 unique visitors, with each user viewing an average of 7.29 pages per work session. The average duration of each session was around five minutes.

In its first year of operation, 91.5% of the website's usage originated in Portugal. Outside Portugal, and with much lower levels of use, the United Kingdom made up 1.8% of the website's usage and Germany 1.7%.

Nationally, usage was led by the district of Lisbon with the largest number of working sessions (73.7% of the total), followed by Porto (9.6% of the total).

An analysis of how the website was used shows that consultations were spread fairly evenly among the different options of the eQNAF, revealing similar levels of interest.

ANACOM's frequencies website was launched on 13 January 2014.