UPAEP Advisory and Executive Council - Montevideo

The annual session of the Advisory and Executive Council (AEC) of the Postal Union of the Americas, Spain and Portugal (UPAEP) was held last 15-17 May in Montevideo, Uruguay, preceded by meetings of the working groups (WGs) and colloquiums on the Union’s technical cooperation, finances and strategy.

Issues concerning finances, technical cooperation and strategy were top on the AEC agenda. The Technical Cooperation WG and the ad hoc Finances WG presented results from respective surveys to the members, along with derivative proposals for the AEC to examine.

The AEC began with a discussion between two candidates (Bolivia and Ecuador) for the position of UPAEP secretary-general; the election will be held at the next UPAEP Congress this coming September. The AEC next adopted a set of proposals to submit to the Congress, specifically on raising the minimum contribution unit to 1.25, non-use of the rates fund to pay the annual contribution fee and making interest on financial applications autonomous. It also approved the 2014 budget, which considers the aforementioned increase in the minimum contribution unit.

Lastly, the cooperation agreement between UPAEP and CITEL (Inter-American Telecommunications Commission) was approved, as was the use of a video-conferencing platform.

Cuba presented a promo video with information about the next Congress to be held in Havana and indicated that delegates should register electronically via www.22congresoupaep.mic.cuhttp://www.22congresoupaep.mic.cu/.

The next AEC session has been scheduled for 10-14 March 2014.