Meeting of PT 43 WG SE - Helsinki

The Finnish capital Helsinki hosted last 11-13 December the 16th meeting of project team 43 (PT 43) of the Spectrum Engineering working group (WG SE), responsible for determining technical requisites for the operation of cognitive radio (CR) equipment/systems in spectrum not used by digital terrestrial networks (DTT), the so-called white space devices (WSD), as well as for programme making and special events (PMSE), radio-astronomy and air navigation, in the 470-790 MHz frequency band.

The meeting also served to examine and consolidate comments received about draft ECC Reports 185 and 186. After presentation of the comments, the group endorsed the final versions and forwarded them for final approval and publication.

Also discussed was Germany’s proposal to send a contribution to working group WP 1A/1B of the International Telecommunication Union (ITU). Given that no documents about this matter were submitted, the group decided the work could be done by correspondence, to be presented and approved at the next WG SE meeting.

The last WG SE meeting discussed the fact that there were no additional tasks to assign to this PT (its disbandment was even envisaged at the next WG SE meeting). For this reason no meetings were scheduled.