Statement on DTT

There have been certain reports in the media recently regarding the conduct of ANACOM - Autoridade Nacional de Comunicações during the process of transition to Digital Terrestrial Television in Portugal. In light of these reports ANACOM has issued the following statement:

ANACOM strictly followed all procedures as were required under the law in force, and acted, at all times, in line with the principles of impartiality and transparency, including in the performance of public consultations and public tenders open to the participation of all interested parties and stakeholders.

Throughout the process, ANACOM has always made itself available to provide clarification on all matters related to the process, it appeared before Parliament and participated in public debates to clarify and give answers to any questions put to it.

Any allegations which have sought to undermine ANACOM's good name are deemed injurious, defamatory and libellous. As such, ANACOM confirms that it is currently assessing any damage that has been caused to its reputation as a result of such allegations and will pursue full restitution through available legal mechanisms.

The Management Board

31 October 2012