14th meeting of WG SE PT43 - Utrecht

The Dutch city of Utrecht hosted last 3-5 July the 14th meeting of project team 43 (PT43) of the working group on Spectrum Engineering (WG SE), responsible for defining technical requisites for the operation of cognitive radio (CR) equipment/systems in spectrum not used by digital terrestrial networks (DTT), the so-called white-space devices (WSD), as well as Programme Making and Special Events (PMSE), in the 470-790 MHz frequency band and by the services operating in adjacent bands.

One of the meeting's agenda points consisted of finishing the report complementing ECC Report 159.

A drafting group was set up after the contributions were presented and a review of the report drawn up [SE43(12)Temp1]. This review was presented, discussed and approved so it can be forwarded to WG SE for preliminary approval and submission to public consultation.

The next WG SE PT43 meeting this 14-16 August is to focus on finalising the report on geolocation.