ANACOM re-launches ''Roaming Light'' campaign

On 1 July, ANACOM is re-launching its information campaign on international roaming, bringing consumers information on the reductions ordered in the pricing of the voice and SMS Eurotariffs and information on a new Eurotariff for data services (Internet and MMS). In the case of data, the Eurotariff is capped at 0.70 euros/MB from 1 July, falling by 35.7% in July 2013, when the tariff will be capped at 0.45 euros/MB, before falling to 0.20 euros/MB in July 2014.

The campaign will also provide information on a range of issues that consumers need to consider, before travelling, when planning to use their mobile phones and access the Internet with roaming while abroad.

The campaign is being re-launched to coincide with the entry into force, on 1 July 2012, of Regulation III on international roaming. Under this Regulation, all mobile operators are required to offer their customers a data Eurotariff, applicable to roaming data communications within the European Economic Area (EEA).

Under the new Regulation, which applies for a period of ten years, the price of intra-EEA roaming tariffs are to be reduced over coming years. In the case of voice communications, the Eurotariff is to fall by 17% to 0.29 euros per minute from 1 July (before a further reduction a year later to 0.24 euros and to 0.19 euros in July 2014). Text messages (SMS), will remain subject to a cap of 0.11 euros from 1 July. This cap will fall by 18% on July 2013 to 0.09 euros (falling to 0.06 euros a year later).

Running until the end of September, the campaign will be focused on the website, while employing a range of other media, including the general press; airline magazines; banners on travel websites and magazines; ANACOM's website and Consumers' Website; the Spectru newsletter; and e-mail.