Migration to DTT to continue after conclusion of switch off

Between 12.30 on 26 April, when the last transmitters and relays still broadcasting analogue television signals in Portugal were switched off, and 3pm today, around 1150 calls have been made to the DTT helpline by people who did not prepare for the digital transition and have therefore been left unable to watch television.

Given the large population impacted by the switch off of the transmitters and relays yesterday, comprising 1.9 million people and 730 thousand families, the number of calls received is very small.  However, not all those in the areas affected will have had to migrate, since the majority have pay-television services at home. The latest switch off also affected people who, while living in the coastal area, were still receiving analogue signals after the switch off in this area between 12 January and 23 February from the transmitters at Monte da Virgem, Montejunto, Marão and Lousã which had been left on as they transmitted signals to relays located in the country's interior.

In the whole country, 1.3 million families had to prepare to receive digital television transmissions.

Anyone who did not make preparations, can still do so.

Anticipating that some people would not prepare for the transition until just a few days before the final switch off, or even leave it until after the switch off, ANACOM decided to extend the deadline for the submission of applications to receive the subsidies available for the adaptation of  installations and the acquisition of set-top boxes.  Following this extension subsides can be requested up until 31 August 2012, 60 days beyond the deadline prescribed in the Subsidy Programme.

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