UPAEP Consultative and Executive Council - Montevideo

The annual session of the Consultative and Executive Council (CEC) of the Postal Union of the Americas, Spain and Portugal (UPAEP) was held in its base city of Montevideo, Uruguay, on 28-30 March, preceded by meeting of the working groups (WGs), the Postal Regulation Forum, the Market Forum and on Operative Aspects.

The Regulation Forum saw presentation of the results of studies on postal service's relationship with the electronic world and also encouraged more active participation by regulators and government bodies in postal sector reform efforts. The Market Forum served as a platform to disclose innovative products and services offered by operators from some of the region’s member countries.

The main topics on the CEC agenda concerned the Union's financial issues, along with preparations for the Universal Postal Union Congress scheduled for September 2012. The ad hoc WG on Finances presented preliminary results of the study and evaluation of the UPAEP budget and spending it conducted in the meanwhile, with a view to optimising resource use and preventing a situation whereby member states have to up their financial contribution. With the support of WG Finances, CEC'12 approved the Union’s 2013 budget and set the respective contribution quota value. The sub-WG on Preparations for the 25th UPU Congress, chaired by Portugal under WG Regulation, reviewed the proposals submitted to the UPU with a view to sharing among UPAEP members its position on each of them for eventual support at the Congress.

The WG on Technical Co-operation, the main aim of the UPAEP's activity, along with the WG on Regulation, the sub-WG on UPU and UPAEP Reform and the WG on Strategic Planning, also reported their annual activity to the Council.

The 2013 session of the CEC will be held on 13-17 May 2013, after the 25th UPU Congress, and will be the last Council session before the 22nd UPAEP Congress scheduled for September 2013 in Cuba.