Levels of knowledge about DTT is high and continues to rise in the interior regions of Portugal

Following a far-reaching communication campaign on DTT, a high level of knowledge has been achieved among the Portuguese population about digital television, including among families of lower social classes living in the interior regions of the country who have not yet made preparations for digital television.

ANACOM has been conducting surveys of the population on a regular basis since November, to keep track of the migration process.

A survey conducted for ANACOM by Marktest at the beginning of February reveals that 96% of the population knew about or had heard about DTT, compared to 94.8% in January and 92.5% in December.

This percentage rises to 97.5% among the universe of people who claim to have made preparations to receive DTT, and remains very high, at 91.8%, among people who are have not made preparations to receive DTT - even among this section of the population, levels of knowledge have been on the rise, increasing from 90.1% in January and 88.6% in December.

In coastal areas, 95.6 % of the population knew about or had heard about digital television.  In the rest of the country this value rises to 97.4% as opposed to 93.2% in January.  By social class, levels of knowledge are  higher among upper and middle classes, reported at 97.8%, but remain very high, at 95.5%, among lower-middle and lower classes.

In terms of being aware about the end of analogue television broadcasting: in coastal areas 90.7% of those surveyed were aware of this event, compared to 95.2% in the rest of the country.

Furthermore, in terms of preparations made to receive DTT by homes without paid television, the trend is positive, rising 16 percentage points since January.

By social class, the percentage of people who affirmed that they had made preparations was highest among the middle class respondents.

In terms of age groups, the highest levels of preparation were reported among people aged 55-64.

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