ANACOM debates liberalisation of the postal sector on 6 October at CCB

ANACOM - Autoridade Nacional de Comunicações will hold the 5th ANACOM International Conference, under the theme “Liberalisation of the postal service: year one”, on 6 October, at Centro Cultural de Belem, in Lisbon. Participation is free and open to all interested parties. However, prior online registration is required through www.anacom.pt by 4 October.

The choice of the theme related to fact that 2011 marks the beginning of the full liberalisation of the postal service in the European Union, a fact of particular importance for the communications sector. This conference will provide an opportunity to promote an overview of the process by discussing issues such as regulatory challenges, new strategies for the functioning of the open market and new business opportunities.

Works will begin at 09:30 with a speech delivered by the Chairman of ANACOM, José Amado da Silva, who will also draw conclusions at the end of the day. The Conference is divided into three panels: regulating postal liberalisation, new strategies to make the open market work and new business opportunities.

Speakers will include Werner Stengg, Directorate General Internal Market and Services of the European Commission; Rosa Isabel Aza Conejo, Comisión Nacional del Sector Postal; Ruth Goldway, Postal Regulatory Commission, EUA; Joëlle Toledano, ERGP; and Jean-Paul Forceville, Chairman, PostEurop.

Abdallah Farah, E-Services Expert, Universal Postal Union (UPU), Switzerland;  Joost Vantomme, Regulatory Affairs Director, bpost, Belgium, Pierre Patry, Solystic, France; Walter Trezek , Document Exchange Network, Austria, and Pieter Reitsma, Head of Sustainability, International Post Corporation, Belgium, among others.