ANACOM meets major retailers to prepare for the switch to digital television

ANACOM met with major retailers today to discuss preparations for the first switch-off of the analogue television signal, due on 12 January 2012, and to raise awareness about the process of transition to DTT. Retailers have an important part to play in this process, ensuring supply of set-top-boxes and providing consumers with information.

At the meeting, attended by Media Markt, Worten, Radio Popular, Auchan, Makro and Intermarché, ANACOM provided the retailers with information on the transition process, on the population impacted by the switch-off of analogue broadcasting, the switch-off schedule, and set-top-box and DTH kit subsidy programmes. ANACOM also reported on the public communication activities that is planning, which should increase set-top-box demand.

ANACOM is working to ensure that the process of transition to digital television in Portugal is completed smoothly and that no one is left without television. To this end, ANACOM used this meeting to make sure that the country’s major retailers were aware of the importance of this process and of their role.

Portugal’s analogue television signal will be switched off in phases during the first months of 2012: on 12 January the signal will be switched off in coastal areas, in the Azores and Madeira on 22 March, and across the rest of Mainland Portugal on 26 April.


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