ANACOM reports half a million visits to its website in the first six months of 2011

In the first half of 2011, ANACOM'S website, www.anacom.pt, received 506,069 visits from a total of 354,120 users. On average, each visit lasted 3m 40s and corresponded to an average of 4.5 page views per visit.

Between 1 January and 30 June, visitors to ANACOM's website viewed 2,294,905 pages, of which 66.5% were seen by new users. Mobile platforms also brought more than five thousand visitors, with iPhone (1,500 visitors) and iPAD (1000 visitors) the main traffic generators.

It appears that was the main source of traffic, followed by users directly entering ANACOM's URL www.anacom.pt (around 80 000 visits) into their browser, a value which points to the loyalty of the website's users. The TDT/Telecom website is also a significant source of referrals to ANACOM's site (over 15,500).

The top 10 keywords entered into search engines by users referred to ANACOM's website are: anacom,, ited, com.escolha, anacon, livro de reclamações (complaints book), anacom contactos (anacom contacts), tdt portugal, anacom com.escolha and tdt. Meanwhile, ANACOM’s online services feature among the website’s most accessed pages, including the online forms or the recently released tariff simulator "Com.escolha".