Cacém gets ready to migrate to digital terrestrial television

The presence of digital terrestrial television (DTT) is already being felt in Cacém and surroundings areas, even though the analogue signal is not due to be switched off until 16 June.

A survey performed by ANACOM – Autoridade Nacional de Comunicações in this region last week reveals that people are already buying set-top-boxes to get ready for the switch-off, with an increase reported in visits to shops by people who, even if they are not going to buy, want to see if the equipment is available and to check prices and other information.

In total, ANACOM visited 18 retail outlets, including small shops, megastores and specialist chains.  Half of the outlets surveyed sell equipment, in addition to providing the public with information.  In some cases, the outlets had leaflets available with information on DTT – leaflets distributed by ANACOM at its clarification sessions.

Megastores and specialist chains have different set-top-box brands available for digital terrestrial television, and in some cases, have set up a special zone to promote DTT.

The smaller shops have less range on offer, and in some cases have no equipment available for sale.  However, even while some had no equipment, they still had information, specifically leaflets, for interested customers.

In light of the reality found among small shops, which is a source of concern for ANACOM, the regulator plans to raise awareness among these establishments over the coming week, specifically by distributing leaflets, cards and information on the issue.
Also, on 2 June, ANACOM will be holding another public clarification session, taking place this time in Massamá, at ARPIM - Associação de Reformados, Pensionistas e Idosos de Massamá, located at Praceta dos Reformados, no. 3.