WG SE PT43 meeting - Copenhagen

Copenhagen hosted last 14-15 April the ninth meeting of PT43 of the Spectrum Engineering working group (WG SE), which determines the technical requisites for operating cognitive radio (CR) equipment/systems in spectrum not used by the digital terrestrial (DTT) networks, known as white space devices (WSDs), and for PMSE, in the 470-790 MHz frequency band, counting the presence of 43 participants.

The meeting served to set the beginning of the studies programmed at the last WG SE meeting, specifically:

  • Analysis of the possibility of harmonising WSD EIRP limits at member-state level in order to limit uncertainties for industry - to that end a smaller group of WSD characteristic values must be adopted;

  • Studies on the networks' impact on the operation of bands adjacent to 470-790 MHz;

  • Analysis of the practicability of the combination of geo-localisation and sensing techniques.

Several contributions were received; most concerned modifications to the methodology applied in ECC Report 159 regarding the calculation of WSD power levels when operated autonomously. Note also France's request to re-examine the impact of introducing WSDs in 470-790 MHz in LTE operating in the 790-862 MHz frequency band.