ANACOM launches its Consumer Portal on 15.03.2011

A ANACOM - National Communications Authority launches on 15th March - World Consumer Rights Day - the Consumer Portal, available at www.anacom-consumidor.com, and also accessible through the regulator's Internet site – www.anacom.pt

Through this initiative, ANACOM hopes to improve the information provided to consumers, both in terms of electronic communications and postal services, ensuring that they are able to make more enlightened choices. In this way, the regulator is strengthening its role in the protection of consumer rights.

The development of the consumer portal arose from the observation that lack of information relative to contracting is one of the main causes of conflict between users and providers, a fact which led ANACOM to adopt this solution.

Focused on the concern to provide clear, useful and simplified information, ANACOM provides, on the site of the Consumer Portal, relevant data on the existing offers on the market, including packages of services; the operators available; what consumers should take into account when choosing a service; what consumers should know about service contracts; specific issues concerning rates, billing, cancellation; how to resolve problems with service providers; and the role of ANACOM and other relevant entities in this context.

With the provision of this portal, ANACOM is now closer to the users, allowing them, through the interactive tool "ANACOM ANSWERS", to raise questions, which will be answered immediately. Likewise, the Consumer Portal also provides a form to present complaints to ANACOM, which seeks to collect, in detail, all the necessary information for the analysis of the problems posed by the users.